Anton 343 Sport PREFERENT

Welcome to the official website of legendary KFPS approved Stallion Anton 343 Sport PREFERENT.  This website is dedicated to one of the KFPS’s finest approved Stallions. Anton 343 Sport PREFERENT, sire to Approved Stallion Teade 392 and grandsire to North America’s newest Approved Stallion Sipke 450, sire to Model Mare, Inga, continues to posses one of the highest Ster percentage ratings in KFPS history.

What makes ANTON such an appealing sire; could it be the near flawless linear score that he possesses; could it be the wonderful temperament of his offspring; the spectacular movement that is the cornerstone of his reputation or is it the hair? Yes, the hair; Anton’s legendary hair that is every Friesian owner’s fantasy, the hair that has become his trademark. It really doesn’t matter which of these many reasons that people breed to Anton, he possess incredible qualities that, as exemplified by his talented offspring, are qualities he continues to pass on.

After reviewing his many accomplishments, we are certain you will agree, Anton 343 Sport PREFERENT, truly is a legendary KFPS Approved Stallion.