Anton 343 Sport PREFERENT

The Legend Lives on in his Offspring

Welcome to the official website of legendary KFPS approved Stallion Anton 343 Sport Preferent. This website is dedicated to one of the KFPS’s finest Approved Stallions. 2018 marked the 26th year and passing of this magnificent stallion. Retired from breeding since 2011, Anton enjoyed his retirement at Fenway Farms spending his days relaxing and grazing in his pasture or whiling away the hours in his stall, nickering to the mares or pinning his ear to any young colt that needed some direction from the master.

The name of Anton 343 Sport Preferent, conjure up a huge array of thoughts; long flowing mane and forelock, spectacular movement and incredible personality. He epitomizes the fairy tale Friesian horse.  Anton is sire to Approved Stallions Teade 392 and Tonjes 459. He continues to posses one of the highest Ster percentage ratings in KFPS history and his personal attributes along with the quality of his offspring are legendary.

What made Anton such an appealing sire; could it be the near flawless linear score that he possesses; could it be the wonderful temperament of his offspring; the spectacular movement that is the cornerstone of his reputation or is it the hair? Yes, the hair; Anton’s legendary hair that is every Friesian owner’s fantasy, the hair that has become his trademark. It really doesn’t matter which of these many reasons that people bred to Anton, he possesses incredible qualities that, as exemplified by his talented offspring, are qualities he continued to pass on and the impact he has had on the Friesian World.

Everyone associated with Fenway Farms and the Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses realizes the blessing of having this legendary Friesian horse standing in our barn. While we could fill pages with his accomplishments and positive attributes, we offer this website as a tribute to this wonderful ambassador for the Friesian breed. Not so much editorial copy, but a photographic history from his early days in the Netherlands to his forever home here at Fenway Farms. We have enjoyed everything that is Anton and are so fortunate to have been graced with his presence for so many years, but it really is never long enough. Thank you Anton; you have blessed us and the entire Friesian community with all the wonderful memories that have made you a legend.