Scott and Shelley / Fenway Farms

Scott and Shelley Kelnhofer have been married since 1974, and have two grown children, Teri and Katie. They founded Fenway Farms in 1994 by settling on a fifty-five acre parcel northeast of Hortonville, Wisconsin. On this land they developed an equine facility designed for their personal enjoyment. In 2011 they founded the Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses operating at this same site.

Fenway horses are permanent members of the Kelnhofer Family. The horses are never sold; their name blocks are mortared into their stall fronts, to only be removed when they will be used as their markers. Never in their wildest dreams did they ever think they would have the legendary Anton 343 Sport join Nanning 374, their original “Rock Star in the Barn”, at Fenway Farms. When they were contacted by an intermediary regarding Anton being available, they talked for a long time about what they could offer this magnificent stallion. They decided they could give him a forever home with lots of love and attention, his own pasture and all the respect a horse that has contributed so much to the breed deserves. Fenway Farms makes this promise: this will be his last stop on his journey through life: Anton will be there until his final sunset. They are very thankful to have such an opportunity to love and care for such a special animal.